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Multidimensional Wealth Management

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Beyond traditional notions of investment planning, our comprehensive approach aligns all the elements of your financial life under a single strategy and plan. Working closely with your entire team of advisors – accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, business managers, agents – our process coordinates and optimizes the efforts of your entire team. More importantly, our multidimensional approach grows and adapts to your unique needs, during the most important milestones in your life: the arrival of child, marriage, divorce, opening a new business, transitioning to retirement – just to name a few.


Our multidimensional approach means we help our clients navigate the complete spectrum of challenges and opportunities that make up their financial lives. That includes exclusive access to early investment opportunities unavailable to a broad majority of investors. Working with some of the most trusted firms in the venture capital world, we’ve introduced our clients to a wide variety of pre-IPO investment opportunities in media, technology and consumer brands.


There’s one thing we already know about you as a potential client: You are unique. You have your own specific story, values and priorities. That’s why everything we do begins by developing a clear understanding of your individual plans and aspirations. We don’t try to fit you into a pre-configured array of products and services. We work with you to learn your history and your passions – the life you envision for yourself and the impact you expect to have on the world around you. These conversations serve as a blueprint for your custom financial plan, a single strategy designed to integrate and align of the unique dimensions of your financial life.


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